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Welcome to my homepage, feel free to look around at my pictures and products, I hope you like something you see here. Click on the little picture below to go to my Photostream!

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My name is Ismeny, I am a content creator for IMVU and an addict photostreamer, if you are upto it, feel free to send me a message and maybe we can take some fun pictures or just talk while taking pictures :)

Check my Forum Thread regulary, there are giveaways from time to time :)

All that supernatural stuff!

I have met unique persons in IMVU, my best friends here:

Talented girl, who fills my days with her energy, kindness and creativity
A great person, gentleman and best man I've ever know here
My Gafito, simply as that! :3
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[Is] Belle Gown Drv[Is] Assassin Suit Drv[Is] Royal Gown Drv[Is] Rogue Suit Drv[Is] Victorian II Suit D[Is] Victorian Suit Drv
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