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Personally i wanted to list some creators that deserve the thumbs up for their work :) Taii εїз Cuppycake εїз Cady εїз Cakemonsta εїз Bren εїз Elda εїз Much εїз Woven εїз Ignore εїз Zayne εїз SchoolSpirits εїз Lushy εїз Jaee εїз Desiree εїз Rosiee εїз TinyTatorTots εїз Risa εїз CrazyCuteLily εїз AnabellaLaVish εїз MiamiMade εїз iiXylia εїз Zendaya εїз Envy4kids εїз MrsLaVish εїз Tayi εїз Niah εїз Kellsea εїз Gabbs εїз WendC εїз Guap εїз lJvshJr εїз LilCharlotte εїз Shirly εїз JaynasCloset εїз BabiBoutique εїз iiSubstance εїз Pinay εїз Rorie εїз iAmAliea εїз KingCastroK1O εїз PrincessTiffany εїз Myana εїз MrsizzieEliteShadow εїз Mayi εїз KaraLaVon εїз
Ok So Ik How People Have Been Saying I Steal Products,Or Steal Names Or Outfits Or W.e Something Else About me But w.e.I Do Not Copy Peoples products i take my time an effort to do my creations and people have the nerve to say i steal products because i level fast get real people -.- .Secondly I Dont steal looks just because i have a skin tht everyone has means i steal it thats just stupid. Another One:I Steal Names Oh Come On How Can i steal a name when its available thts just irrelevant for you to say it in the first place.Anyways I am happy for those who believe in my and i know what i am not.More Products will be coming soon to please stay tooned c: thank you ~Love Idaleigh
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