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Ice Queen

Age: Over 600 years
Location: Frozen Wilderness
Relationship Status: Not looking

Account for: Roleplay, creating
Main account: Elaini
In IMVU for: years

My other IMVU accounts:

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fantasy, white, Developer, blue, snow, ice, Cold, History, winter, roleplay, Freeze, Mythology, independent, modern, survival, Immortal, Elemental, Frost, frostbite, rime, unaligned
My Sandbox
Since there are already many versions of Ice Queens, I decided to write my own story about her.

Story will appear here later.

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None for this time being, but they are in plans and slots exist.
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A new animated banner will appear here. While pending, I would be grateful if you visited my catalog.

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My main updates are posted at Renew3D's Creations in WordPress, though the posts are also automatically forwarded to the other social medias as listed below.

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I'm a member at the Pixel Pusher forums. Are you also a content creator? Then please consider joining us - we have experience, help and cookies!

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