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Ravenclaw for the win.
Orientation: Other
Looking For: Friendship
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I adopted a Naruto chibi! ^.^

Name: Hinata
Likes: Naruto
Dislikes: Being counted out.
Owner: Hoshi Tomoshibi

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Final Fantasy VII

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10th Division

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True Soul Society

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1st Division - True Soul Society

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True Soul Society - Captain's Meeting

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Dark and Jordana's RP Playhouse.

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Official Hyuuga Clan™

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Official Hyuuga Clan: Branch House

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Mental Cosplay

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Special Someone
RIP. You will always be in my heart, Sora.
To put everyone I love on here, it would slow my page down. But to my families (The FF7 group, and to my True Soul Society group) know that I love you all with everything I have.
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[Liz] WWE - Shield!MM! CMPunk TeePVC Work Out Blue[M] Balor Club FDP-Desire Rock Outfit
[WWE] Victoria Crop Top*M* Scene Full OutfitXIII~Battle Top (F)☩ Punk Top*Pipa* Arm Warmers Raven
Girl's Ravenclaw Cloak*Pipa* POA Scarf Raven*Pipa* Loose Socks RavenJN* Ravenclaw Uniform **GW Wizard Sport Boots F
GW Sport Robes-Long-BlueGirl's Ravenclaw TopGirl's Ravenclaw ShoesHogwarts Skirtspacer

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