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Avatar since: 2007-12-09
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United States - VA
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"Peace is respecting the rights of others."

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Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Friendship
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I enjoy learning about other people's points of view, when they can discuss differing opinions rationally (without getting overly emotional). I also prefer to talk to people who can use whole words and complete sentences.

I tend to leave myself on "Friends Only" mode to avoid random useless conversations. If you want to talk to me and I'm in that mode (or if you want to be my buddy for any other reason), just leave me a message (which should include a topic you're interested in discussing with me or a reason you think we'd enjoy talking) and I'll consider adding you to my buddies. If you seem to be just generically trolling for friends, you are likely to be ignored... I'm just too busy.

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My Wish List

This is a list of things I plan to purchase for myself, as I have the funds. Do NOT take it to be begging, as I certainly do not expect gifts from my friends.

These are some developers that have impressed me with their quality of work. When shopping, I look at their stuff first and give preference to their items over similar items by others. There are a few that would fit this category that don't have stamps yet... if they decide to make a fan stamp, I'll add it here.

SerafinaTraditions BlueELVEN VioletANN Sunshine Dress AQUANaughty Wench Dress
ANN Ruffled Trim Tube BLSprite Wench DressNautical Wench DressANN Wrap Swimwear BLUEANN Lacey Tank WHITE
ANN Glitter Drama BLUESapphire/Diamond Dangles~*Enchantment Seaside*~spacerspacer
Special Someone
This is the love of my life, my husband.
He is a very private individual, so he probably won't chat with you unless he already knows you.
My Interests

Asking me about any of the topics below might be a great way to start an interesting conversation.

fantasy, animals, Family, pets, freedom, reading, atheism, farming, SciFi, SCA, pegasus, recipes, Evolution, unschool, liberty, Roleplay Games, Vanguard, crosstitch, winged horse, atlantia, Samoyed, ron paul, bengal cat, stonemarche, marinus
My Friends (10)

I have friends from all walks of life. Generally, we have to have something in common for me to add you as a buddy. If your home page is private then leave a message for me so I can tell what you think we have in common.

Also, if you are a buddy of mine and you aren't active on IMVU for a while, I may drop you. If you come back, just let me know.

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My Room

This is my home sweet home. I may make slight modifications, but this is my IMVU home and I think it looks great.

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My Groups Check Out IMVU Groups!

I join groups where I believe I'll find something in common with most of the members. I have no problem with trying a group out and dropping it if I find my initial assumption of commonality to be false. Here are the groups I'm currently a member of.

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The Heroes Avatar Intelligence Network

2256 posts from 244 members
group image
IMVU Groups Beta

2808 posts from 3253 members
group image

157 posts from 234 members
group image
group image

161 posts from 82 members
group image

231 posts from 157 members
group image

47 posts from 15 members
group image
Web Inventory Page Feedback

496 posts from 393 members
group image
Wishlist Feedback

679 posts from 1568 members
group image
! Atheist/Christian Debate !

1874 posts from 302 members
group image
IMVU's Skeptic Society

70 posts from 21 members

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