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Age: years
Location: South West Finland
Eyes: Blue-green, Skin: Pale
Hair: Honey blonde (Natural)

Account for: Relaxing, content creating
(Meshing, animating, texturing)
Main account: This one
In IMVU for: years

In person I am quiet on the outside yet sensitive, passionate and imaginitive on the inside, expressing myself through all things creative and artistic (visual art and music). My favourite art style is realism and my favourite music is diverse, though mostly heavy and melodic, with large arrangements. I also enter into the heavy roleplay mood at times.

I love many things of nature, beauty, wisdom and fantasy, yet I know that out of them the beauty is not the same for everyone, and even then beauty can be deceiving – though not always. Every book is more than its cover.

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Allure, Ancient, Art, Celtic, Chic, Classical, Composing, Creativity, Eldar, Elves, Epic, Fantasy, Folk, French, Goth, Imagination, Literature, Long Hair, Meshing, Metal, Nature, Nordic, Poetry, Realism, Rock, Roleplay, Silmarillion, Texturing, Wisdom
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My main updates are posted at Renew3D's Creations in WordPress, though the posts are also automatically forwarded to the other social medias as listed below.

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