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Imagination, let me take you...
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Hello everyone. I really love messages from my friends and visitors. I do, SERIOUSLY! lol! But, if I get any more messages about visiting "www.modelcamonline.com" or "I don't know why I can't add you to my Yahoo Messenger", I will see to it that you are banned. I only add people I consider my friends. Plus I have never seen a request from any of the people that left me messages that I deleted. =D SO! If you want to leave a message, go ahead. But, if i get another message about being somebody's SWEETIE that I'm not, well, let's say I warned you. OK!?!?!
I am DemonsReign, and I approve this message.

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I'm a true PC Gamer @ heart. Catch ya' online.

Click here for FlyFF. This is a wonderful free-to-play MMORPG game.

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Hello everyone, and welcome to my homepage. Feel free to leave a message. I prefer to chat with a person before I accept a buddy's request. As long as everyone is comfortable knowing I am happily married and not looking for another woman, we will get along fine.

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