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My Derivable Meshes
Décolletage Tivenys uber-seamless dress.It has a fully weighted skirt which lies tight around the derriere and then cascades to the floor in deep folds of fabric. Optional over-skirt (itself seamless) and two novel kinds of sleeves.
Décolletage Contour uber-seamless Top, which stretches across the bust. Totally unlike any other top mesh in the catalogue, where it joins with the other parts of the body at the neck, waist and wrists, it usually does so seamlessly.
Décolletage Wrap Dress. A skintight dress with no ugly lines across the neck, the fabric stretches across and below the bust.
Décolletage Contour Dress. A skintight dress with no ugly lines across the neck, the fabric stretches across the bust.
The original Décolletage Dress. Like all my Décolletage series, derivations have no ugly lines across the neck. In this dress the fabric follows the bust.
This is the original Clingy Dress. A full length tight dress that's mapped so it's easy to paint and gives excellent results.
Double Clingy Dress. Like the Clingy Dress, but with two layers of skirt.
Clingy Robe. Full body tight robe for the male avatar.
Clingy Seamless Dress. A full-body single-piece dress with a wealth of features to help the developer. No ugly line across the belly, remapped neck and arms, fixed shoulders, mesh stretched across a beautifully reshaped bust.
Clingy Seamless Dress LGC. As above, but with the dress separated fractionally from the body, for lower quality graphics cards.
Clingy Sleeveless Seamless Dress. As above but with no sleeves.
Clingy Sleeveless Seamless Knee-length Dress. As above but with no sleeves and skirt only as far as the knee.
Clingy Sleeveless Seamless Mini Dress. As above but with no sleeves and skirt only as far as the thigh.
Seamless Body. The body shape on which all the Seamless dresses are based.
Clingy Seamless Dress with Bell Sleeves. Identical to the Clingy Seamless dress but with this elegant addition.
Clingy Seamless Dress with legs.
Clingy Seamless Dress with trousers and sleeves.
Clingy Seamless Gown. A beautiful gown mesh with plenty of luxurious folds of fabric around the hem.
Clingy Seamless Shirtdress. In corporates a meshed collar and loose sleeves.
Clingy Seamless Shirtdress with trousers.
Thigh High Boots with an optional flare above the knee.
Clingy Seamless Pleated Minidress.
Clingy Seamless Minidress with thigh-high boots.
Cascada. Beautiful dress mesh with a cascade of ruffles in the skirt.

All the dresses you see below are derived from my DN Clingy Dress. It's one of my low break-even, robust meshes that's continuously mapped to make it much easier to work with. XXX

My Interests

IMPORTANT!! IF YOU LIKE THIS ANIMATOR please check out the new DN Animator PRO EDITION which is packed full of new features! See the mesh! Save XAFs direct to disk! Separate timeline for facial expressions! And much more =)

Make animations and poses!

Click on 'click here to begin' to get started. For instructions and help, click on the 'help' button =) Please be nice to me and do not host this anywhere else. ((hugs))

music, valencia, spain, Beauty, Passion, POLITICS, learning, philosophy, History, thinking, growing, Cooking, atheism, Creativity, Women, Programming, Teaching, language, laughing, literature, Travelling, linguistics, Discovering, composing
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My Wish List
I wish everyone would THINK.Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Cool New People
This video breaks my heart.

And so does this one. It shows a recent episode of Spanish police attacking the crowds marching for Catalonian inpedendence in central Barcelona.

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