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Hello! My name is Brat. I'm a "bratty sub". I'm taken though, so you can look but you can't touch! I'm in a 24/7 Dom/sub BDSM relationship with my wonderful Master and I love him very much! Master is so sweet to me and I love it when he takes care of me. Master has also taken ownership of my best friend Naomi (PlayPet here on IMVU). I love having her for a sub-sister! Besides that, we don't play with others, and this includes cybersex - so don't bother trying to ask me to cyber with you, in my opinion even though it's just on the computer, it's still cheating! I don't mind talking about sex with people if I feel comfortable with them, but I'm not going to talk dirty to anyone besides my Master.

Other things I love:
I love shopping - in real life and on IMVU! I love to dress up (or have Master dress me up) in cute and sexy outfits. I also like it when Master shows me off cause I love the attention and the compliments. And I like to play and be naughty - Master likes it when I'm a brat hehe. Roleplaying is a lot of fun too, and I like to read and write erotic stories. I'm just a little girl at heart most of the time, and I love childish things like stuffed animals, frilly dresses, lollipops, and other kid things. I'm a fan of anime, but I haven't watched much of it - mostly I've just admired anime-style artwork I see online and stuff. (If you can recommend any good animes for me to watch, please tell me!) Pink is my absolute favorite color (if you couldn't tell lol)! I also really like animals, especially puppies and kitties - I really like chihuahuas and have one who is the cutest thing in the world. I like furry stuff too.

And that's me in a nutshell. :)

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Ok just so people know, I can only have one or two chat windows open at a time or it makes my computer lag. :( So please don't be offended if I decline a chat request or am in Do Not Disturb mode because I'm already chatting with someone else. Just leave me a message here so I don't forget about it (and a buddy request if we're not already on eachothers' lists) and we'll chat some other time. :)

Also, yes, I have an Access Pass and no I'm not Age Verified. This is why: I tried to verify my age, but it said it was unable to do it with whatever service they use. The only way I'd be able to is to mail in copies of my Birth Certificate, Drivers License, Passport, Social Security Card, etc. Which I think is absurd for just a friggin chat site. So no, I'm not going to be mailing in all of my personal information, so I'll just stay unverified. On noes! e.e

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Also, here are some of my favorite designers on IMVU (in no particular order):

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