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Greetings visitors, and welcome to my homepage. You may call me Kai... son to Calvara the human mother, and Masumi the akuma father. Being half-breed, of course, means being outcast from both societies... my fellow Akuma want nothing to do with a mutt, and my fellow mortals fear me for my demonic side. Therefor I have become accustomed to the loner life style, though I am far from being a mute person. I enjoy interesting conversation with mortals and demons alike, in fact. I spend most of my time developing or hanging out "Between Worlds" with the lost souls. Hearing the sad stories of they who cannot pass over has given me a very laid back but mischevious outlook on things. I spose that could have something to do with my odd blood lineage as well, but the point is that I'm not for everyone so please don't add me unless you can handle hanging out with cheeky, wild-mannered demon.
I don't care for drama in any form, for though I am rather difficult to anger it brings out my demon half more... sometimes more than I can control. If you know nothing of Akuma, it's not a pretty sight... my hair lights on fire, my eyes turn black like coal from a furnice from hell, and I become very verryy ugly and evil inside and out. And if you are prone to bad luck, you might not want to have anything to do with me. Even the sight of us Akuma can bring mortals bad luck, and I'm no exception even as a half-breed. I am indeed bi-sexual, I enjoy close relationships with both male and female, both demon and mortal... but I don't care for cyber sluts in the least and I'm not looking for a relationship in real either. A great example of how I am bad luck, I recently had my heart broken by someone... another demon though a different sort. We met during my travels here and became fast companions, but alas.. twas not meant to be. One dreamy and foggy evening it came to light that he had been lying to me about incredibly important "real" issues, and a pet peeve of mine is liars. So now I'm just here to role-play, have fun, flirt a lil, and try to do less evil here than I do in real. As for the rest of my kind... a popular saying where I grew up was "If you see Akuma, pretend that you haven't. The less you know the better." And I couldn't have said it better myself.

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